mistakes you should avoid while traveling in india

Traveling in India and 10 common mistakes during traveling.

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Are you one of those tourists who are worried that when they go traveling in India or anywhere in the world for the first time as they do not have any idea about what they are doing and make mistakes while traveling? 

Don’t worry about it. Everyone, even I felt the same when I travel for the first time. It is a normal thing. Traveling doesn’t need any special talent or skills. Even experienced travelers make mistakes. India is such a country where weather, geography, history, and culture varies place after place. 

Many questions arise in our minds. The very first question which the newbie travelers think is that why traveling is necessary? Well! I think after your first trip you will surely understand. I will also tell you about common mistakes to avoid while traveling in India.

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Traveling in India.

In this blog, I will try to point out the mistakes which tourists often make while traveling in India and also give some tips to reduce them. Here is the list of mistakes that should be overcome.

1. Cramming too much while traveling in India

This is a big mistake we all do in the excitement of our first journey. We estimate about everything like we can cover that much places in that much time. But the fact is, we can never estimate before going there. There may be many things which can delay and causes you to stay longer than your estimated time at a place.

India is the second-largest populated country in the world. So tourists while traveling in India should keep in mind that a little delay is for sure. It can be due to delays in trains, check-in, and check out issues in hotels, health-related problems, and many more. This may affect your expectations as you don’t have much time to relax and enjoy a particular place. You wouldn’t have enough time to see it all.

So my recommendation is, try to make the mind in a few places with plenty of time. If any delay occurs, you don’t have to compromise with your excitement of exploring that place.

2. Choose cheapest over best value

Almost all budget backpackers make this major mistake. They go for the cheapest rather than the best value. I can understand you want to make your travel funds as less as possible. For that, you choose the cheapest accommodation, transport, and food. But sometimes that makes you suffering needlessly. You regret it when you realize that you could have had a better experience for not much more. 

For example sometimes two different hotels offer accommodations at Rs. 500 and Rs. 700 per night. The room for Rs. 500 is poorly maintained, in a bad location, poor staff, or bad internet connection. On the other hand the room for Rs. 700 have all these problems sorted. If at this time you go for the cheapest then obviously you will regret it. 

So, always consider comfort over the cheapest because a few more money will make your travel experience memorable of all time. Don’t exploit it just for the sake to reduce the expenses blindly. This point is also applied while choosing transport options. 

3. Packing too many things

This is to admit that we all try to pack each and everything which comes to our mind while packing for a trip. The useless stuff becomes a headache throughout the journey.

While packing for the journey, usually we pack extra clothing, accessories, and food also. But soon you come to know that you have made a big mistake when these weights too heavy to carry. India is a developing nation. The government tries to provide all facilities at every place. So don’t think too much about not getting the necessary services at a particular place. If something necessary is not available at any place, you will easily get to know about that from many articles about that place. 

I recommend not to pack too much. Choose basic clothing items like t-shirts and pants and then make them look distinct by different combinations. Always choose comfortable shoes over a stylish one. Don’t worry much about food and water availability.

4. Fear to interact with locals

Most of the tourists in India don’t think it necessary to interact with the locals. They afraid of being robbed by them. But my friend! Not all locals are scammers. 

I know it is hard to distinguish between the friendly locals and scammers. But if you have a positive approach, you will end up making a lot of friends. By adding this to the blog, my intention is to explain the benefits of having friendly locals with us. No one, even paid guide can’t describe you the better about the very place. Locals can do it for free.

If you successfully build a good relationship with locals they can help you to get accommodation at affordable prices which you really need. Also, travel-related articles mostly cover places that are famous among tourists. Whereas some beautiful and unexplored places are only known to the locals. At this stage, locals can get you to such places that are still not visited by many tourists. 

According to me, you should always have a positive approach towards the local people. The vast majority aren’t out to get you. They can help you a lot. 

Traveling in India

5. Not bargaining

I see newbie travelers while traveling in India often do not bargain. It is another one of the big mistakes. Yeah!  Sometimes it is tempting to accept the first price that someone offers you, especially if it is cheap. By my dear! Even when the price of something in your destination seems reasonable compared to the prices you are used to at home, you could still be overpaying.

Let me explain my point clear to you. The very first thing that should be kept in mind is that while traveling anywhere, the persons providing any services and shoppers are actually doing their business. Like every other businessman they too try to earn more profits. They are not your enemy, they are just doing their jobs. If you leave emotions out of it, bargaining doesn’t have to be stressful. I have a personal experience with this. 

My friends and I were traveling from Rishikesh to Dehradun. For this, we hire a taxi. We saw a couple who ended up paying more than twice we paid for the same. The only difference between them and us is that we didn’t hesitate to bargain. 

You just need to know approximately what the item should cost and counter the seller with a lower offer. You’ll go back and forth a little bit, then reach a price somewhere in between that makes you both happy. I am sure, by doing the same, you can reduce your inflating travel expenses. 

6. Eating the food, you are used too

The most common health-related issue that occurs while traveling is food poisoning. Mostly newbie travelers try to avoid food poisoning by eating light food. But what if those food items are not available at that place? 

This is one of those mistakes tourists while traveling in India often do. Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about veg or non-veg food. My consideration is on the people who stick to the food they are used to. Sometimes the food you want is not a common recipe of that place. If you convince them to make that recipe for you, they are not used to making this. Most probably, the ingredients they are using might not be fresh. So, it’s actually more likely to get food poisoning. Also, they can’t prepare this according to your taste. On the other hand, they are preparing local food for ages. They know how to do that and ingredients are fresh most of the time. If still, you are afraid of food poisoning then you can head to the local pharmacies for anti-diarrhea or anti-vomiting medication. Make personal hygiene a priority while traveling. 

Keep drinking more water is also a right way to avoid such problems. 

So try not to stick to your food habits. Trying local food is an important part of your journey. Don’t exploit it by overthinking.

7. Book everything through a travel agent

It is not easy to plan an entire trip on your own. As a first-time traveler it is understandable that you want to feel safe in a foreign land. For that, you want to book every part of your trips like every hotel, every meal, and every transfer. It sounds good in practice, but after you start your trips you see that you have to sacrifice a lot of your flexibility. It helps you nothing but increases your travel expenses. 

You can’t blindly rely on a travel agent for everything. You must search and try to book a few things alone. That is interesting as well as beneficial for you in the future. I almost never use a travel agent which saves me a lot of money. Try to look after everything on your own.

There are many things which you can do without a travel agent. You get to see something new at every step while traveling in India. If at this stage you successfully handle two or three things on your own without hiring a travel agent, it will be added to your confidence. 

8. Thinking whatever you are doing is acceptable

We are used to our local culture and rule. First-time travelers often forget how to behave in some foreign land. They unintentionally do something which is not acceptable at the place they are traveling. 

It is good to understand that whatever we do is not necessarily good while traveling. Let’s imagine that you are wearing half pants, short skirts, and crop tops or something modern while traveling a Buddhist temple. No doubt, you are not doing anything wrong according to your culture but it is not the culture of that temple. It’s a place of worship and you should cover up out of respect. I don’t think I am talking only for any specific gender. This involves every category. This is just an example. Similarly, at some religious places in India, non-veg food is not allowed. So it becomes our duty to respect the local culture and don’t try something which offends them. Sometimes locals don’t even point out you for that but as a human, you should understand this. 

I explained earlier that locals can be very useful to you. By respecting their culture, you are representing a friendly gesture towards them. It will help you to build a good relationship with them. 

9. Hyping things up

As a fresher in traveling, we try to search for places on the internet. Most of the time, the pictures we see are photoshopped which gives an unreal image of that place. In over-excitement, we set a much high level of expectations. Don’t do this. 

We should not estimate the beauty of a place before going there. No doubt, excitement is necessary. But sometimes over expectations result in disappointment. Don’t trust blindly on the photos you see on the internet. There is always some editing done to make it more attractive. According to the pictures, our excitement hype to a much new level. But after visiting that place we realize that the place doesn’t really look like the picture. Believe me, this disappointment will spoil all your expectations and sticks to your mind. Further you can’t enjoy your journey that much. 

Don’t take a picture of a place in your mind. Traveling is all about exploring something new. Most probably you will see many things for the first time. This is the beauty of traveling. 

10. Thinking that only valid passport is required

Most of us think that we only need a valid passport for traveling in a foreign country. This thinking may lead to you many troubles so It’s time to change that. 

Here, I am not talking only about traveling in India.  A lot of countries require having a passport that will be valid six months after the date of your departure from the country you are visiting. Moreover, you have to fill certain documents before arriving and you cannot get a visa without them. India too follows the same policies. So it is better to know these requirements related to your documents if you don’t want to be interrupted at the airport and spoil your vacation mood. Take in mind I am only talking about tourist visas. 

A lot of other requirements are also necessary. Do check these from Indian Visa Application Center and make sure nothing should be left. If you don’t take these guidelines seriously you will suffer. Neither you want this nor me. So check whether you need a visa or a new passport well before your trip. 

These are a few mistakes that first-time travelers while traveling in India often make. There are some more of them like not checking passport requirements, exchanging money at the airport, not knowing prohibited items on the plane, not getting local sim.

Conclusively, I can say that traveling is something to explore. But if we are afraid of something new then the real joy of traveling can not be enjoyed. Be responsible and make correct decisions without any help. I think this is not only applicable while traveling but an important lesson for life. 

By considering these mistakes avoidable, you can have a pleasant, healthy, and budget trip without any complications while traveling in India. If you have already made any of them then don’t worry too much because practice makes you perfect. As a friend, I will try to aware of you and provide you more information like this in the future. If you think this blog is helpful to you then please like and comment to support us. If something is not covered in this blog then intimate through us commenting. We consider your opinion precious. 

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  1. This is surely useful, better that it does not only focus in India, but the whole travel thing. Thank you!

  2. Great, for a naive traveller, these are the basic things. I highly recommend reading this before planning a trip.

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