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Make A Tour To Nainital (8 Convincing & best Reasons)

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Complete Guide To Make A Tour To Nainital

In this post we try to encourage you to make a tour to Nainital once in your life. So let us start with the history of Nainital Hill Station.

Nainital is located in the Indian State of Uttarakhand. It is named after the pear shaped Naini Lake. The word Nainital is the combination of two words, Naini and Tal. Naini means ‘the eye‘ and Tal means ‘the Lake‘.

According to Indian Mythology, Nainital is a place where the eyes of Mata Sati fell after their self immolation. This place is located at an elevation of 2084 meters above sea level. Below, we write some reasons which encourage you to make a tour to Nainital

tour to Nainital

Reasons to make a tour to Nainital

  • There are lots of places to see.
  • Weather of Nainital is very pleasant throughout the year.
  • Well connected with means of transport.
  • To feel the beauty of nature.
  • For Photography.
  • Perfect picnic spot for family and friends.
  • To do adventure and trekking because of various trekking point here.
  • A great place for shopping.

Places to visit in Nainital

There are lots of places to visit in Nainital, like Naini Lake, Naini Peak, Snow View Point, Tiffin Top, Nainital Zoo, Naina Devi Temple and many more. Naini Lake is the popular tourist destination which attracts many tourists to make a tour to Nainital. 

Tiffon Top

Naina Devi Temple is very near to Naini Lake and a must visit place in Naintal. People who like the view of Snow can go to Snow View PointNainital Zoo is very famous place and most liked by children. Tiffin Top is one of the popular destination for all photography, nature and adventure lovers.

Best time to visit Nainital

You can make a tour to Nainital throughout the year. Weather is very pleasant in Nainital in summers as well as in winters. Winters start from November and ends in February. You can enjoy the weather of Nainital in winters very much.

We must recommend you to not to visit Nainital in monsoon months i.e. from July to September because the chances of landslides increases in monsoon season.

How to reach at Nainital

By Airport

The nearest Airport is in Pantnagar near Rudrapur which is about 71 km. far from Nainital.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Kathgodam railway station on the outskirts of Haldwani. This is connected with almost all the major cities of India.

By Road

Nainital is well connected with road transport. You can easily find the buses and cabs to go to Nainital. If you cannot find the direct bus to Nainital from your location then you can visit to the nearest points to Nainital.

Distance from some of the major cities

  1. Kathgodam – 35.5 kilometers
  2. Rishikesh – 249.3 Kilometers
  3. Dehradun – 282.4 Kilometers
  4. Delhi – 296.5 kilometers
  5. Chandigarh – 439.6 kilometers
  6. Shimla – 530.2 Kilometers
  7. Srinagar – 1077 Kilometers
  8. Kolkata – 1370.7 Kilometers
  9. Hyderabad – 1665.6 Kilometers
  10. Mumbai – 1747.5 Kilometers

Market in Nainital

Markets of Nainital are very good. You can go to some of the main markets like Bara BazaarMall Road and Tibetan Bazaar. Here you can do shopping of Candles, Artificial Jewelry, Books etc. Aromatic candles is very famous thing to buy in Nainital.

make a tour to Nainital
Naini Lake

You can also buy wooden art crafts like wooden key chains etc. Bara bazaar is famous for homemade eatables like Aromatic jams, fruit squashes. It is also known as foodie delight. Here you can buy Apples , Strawberries, Peaches, Cherries etc. Tibetan Market is also very famous and is known as Bhotia market. It is a clothing paradise. Here you can buy clothes, handbags, scarfs, mufflers etc. There are many popular restaurants from where you can take the traditional meal of Nainital.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on tour to Nainital

Q1 : What are the best places to visit in Nainital?

  • There are lot of places to visit in Nainital like Naini Lake, Naini Peak, Snow View Point, Tiffin Top and many more. You can read about these places by clicking here. (Places to visit in Nainital)

Q2 : Which is the best time to visit Nainital?

  • You can visit the Nainital throughout the year. Weather is very pleasant in Summers as well in Winters. In Summer, you can visit to Nainital to go away from hotter areas and in winters you can enjoy the winters of hilly areas. In monsoon season it is advised to not to visit Nainital because of landslide.

Q3 : What are the famous things to buy in Nainital?

  • You can buy Wooden art crafts, Key chains, Aromatic Candles, Home made eatables and many more.

Q4 : Which is better Nainital or Bhimtal?

  • Both these places are very famous and we cannot decide the one place from these two. If you want to visit more famous places then you can visit to Nainital. Bhimtal is famous for very peaceful locations. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax your body and mind.

Q5 : Why you should make a tour to Nainital?

  • You should make a tour to Nainital because it is one the best and beautiful place to visit in Uttarakhand. One can feel the peace and see the beautiful nature at the same time.

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So it is the complete guide which help you to make a tour to Nainital. I hope that this post in enough convincing for all to make a visit to Nainital. Give your views about this post and tell us if we miss some famous places to visit in Nainital. You can also tell us some of the offbeat places of Nainital. We always welcome your reviews.

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