Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

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Mcleodganj is a hill station near Dharamshala. It is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. This beautiful place attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. This place has one of the most beautiful scenic views in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh. Many of the families, group of friends loves to visit Mcleoganj as various tourists spots are there. This place is mainly famous for trekking and picnic. Below we tell you the top 10 places to visit in Mcleodganj.

night view of mcleodganj, himachal pradesh

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Places to visit in Mcleodganj

1. Triund Hill

triund hill is one of the most beautiful places to visit in mcleodganj

Triund hill station is a small hill station in the Kangra District in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the best places to visit in Mcleodganj. The hill, Triund is at the foot of Dhauladhar ranges. This place is famous for a picnic spot. It is a large land of green grass. Triund is about 10 km from the Dharamshala Bus stand.

2. Bhagsu Waterfall

bhagsu waterfall in mcleodganj

Bhagsu waterfall is an amazing place to visit for trekking lovers. one can spend hours sitting here. It is situated near the Bhagsu Village. The view from the top of this valley that surrounds the waterfall is not one to be missed by any kind of adventure or nature lovers. There will be a lot of walking distance to reach the waterfall so we suggest you wear comfortable footwear. The atmosphere is quite chilly so you need to take some cozy clothing to remain warm.

3. Bhagsunag Temple

bhagsunag temple in mcleodganj

The temple Bhagsunag temple is one of the ancient temples located at a distance of 3 km from Mcleodganj. It is also known as Bhagsunath temple and is a must-visit place in Mcleodganj. It is situated on the way to the famous Bhagsu Waterfalls. Thus tourists like to seek the blessings of almighty before they proceed to the journey. Here pilgrims or tourists take a dip in the chilly water of the holy pond (Jalkund). In the month of September – October, Annual fairs take place here that attracts a number of tourists from all across the areas.

4. Dharamkot Village

Mountain view of dharamkot village in mcleodganj

Dharamkot is located just 2 kilometers away from Mcleodganj. It is a lesser-known place but a beautiful place to visit. It is known as Yoga village. Here you can get the peace of mind as well as a stunning view of Dhauladhar Ranges. It is home to Vipassana Meditation Centre and Tushita Buddhist Meditation Centre where you can do yoga and meditation. From Dharamkot you can go to Triund Trek, or to see Bhagsu Falls. To reach there you can take an auto-rickshaw from anywhere in Mcleodganj.

5. St. John’s Church

st john church in mcleodganj

This Church is situated in the wilderness, dedicated to John the Baptist built-in 1852. This church is situated 8 Kilometers away from Dharamshala and just walking distance from Mcleodganj. This church is rebuilt again after the earthquake in 1905 with a new bell. It has amazing architectural design and beautiful glass windows are the main attraction.

Opening Timings – Open all days

Tickets Price: No Ticket charges

6. Tibetan Museum

tibetan museum in mcleodganj is one of the best places to visit in mcleodganj.

Tibetan Museum is very famous Museum, located in the suburban district of Mcleodganj in Dharamshala. This Museum teaches children or youth a lot about Tibet culture. Thus the museum is built in a white Tibetan style of engineering.

Opening Timings9 AM to 5 PM (Except Sunday and Monday)

Tickets price – 10 INR for movie screenings.

7. Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts

Performers performing arts in Tibetan Institute of Mcleodganj

It was founded by the 14th Dalai Lama. This is a perfect place to see the Tibetan Art and Culture and for all Art Lovers. Here you can see the artists performing Dancer, Music, Arts, etc. Shoton Festival is also very famous here to see the annual Celebration of Tibetan Culture, Heritage, Dance, and Music. You can learn about Tibetan Heritage here.

Opening Timings – Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Sunday and 2nd & 4th Saturday.

Tickets Price: No Ticket charges

8. Tsug La Khang

Tsug la khang in mcleodganj

Tsug La Khang Monastery is a temple and residential complex that is open for all. This monastery is famous for Tibetan Culture and History. Here you will find monks, nuns, lamas and tourists in a large number. Monks wear maroon robes with prayer beads in their hands. Tourists can enjoy the view of Monks debating with each other. This is the best place to enjoy the beauty of Kangra Valleys.

Opening Timings – Open every day from 5 AM to 8 PM.

Tickets Price: No Ticket charges

9. Namgyal Monastery

Namgyal monastery in mcleodganj

Namgyal Monastery is one of the must-visit places in Mcleodganj. It is also known as Dalai Lama’s Temple. Namgyal Monastery is a place located in Tsug La Khang Complex. Here Monks engaged in debates by making various groups. They engaged in various topics and each monk has to attend the debate. Here you can enjoy the beauty of cafes because these types of cafes are not available outside. Here you feel relax because the cafes are quite like mountains here.

Opening Timings – Open every day from 5 AM to 8 PM.

Tickets Price: No Ticket charges

10. Naddi

Naddi Village is one of the best places to visit in Mcleodganj.

Naddi is a village located just 3 kilometers from Mcleodganj, in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley. It is known for the presence of Dalai Lama. From here you can capture the beautiful view of Dhauladhar Ranges. It is a must-visit place for all nature and photography lovers. It is one of the best places to visit in Mcleodganj.

Best time to visit Mcleodganj

The best time to visit Mcleodganj is between October to February (In Winter) and between March to June (In Summer).

How to reach Mcleodganj

By Air

The nearest airport is Kangra Airport 14-15 Km from Dharamshala.

By Rail

Kangra Valley Railway station is the nearest railway station to Mcleodganj. It is about 20 km away from Mcleodganj.

By Road

Buses are the most common medium of transport used by people. Mcleodganj is about 10 km from Dharamshala. Most people hire a taxi to reach Mcleodganj. You should prefer to go to Mcleodganj on Road. By this, you can enjoy the beauty of the scenic Mountains.

Delhi to Mcleodganj is near about 480 KM.

Amritsar to Mcleodganj is 200-205 KM.

Manali to Mcleodganj is 220-230 KM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q : What we can see in Mcleodganj?

A : Places to visit in Mcleodganj are Triund Hill, Bhagsunag Temple and Waterfall, Dharmkot and Naddi Village, View of Dhauladhar Ranges and the whole city from Naddi, St. John’s Wilderness Chuch and many more.

Q : Why is Mcleodganj famous?

A : Mcleodganj is famous for sightseeing for places like monasteries, temples, waterfalls, museums, Tibetan culture, lakes, etc. Here you can enjoy shopping as well.

Q : What is the best time to visit Mcleodganj?

A : The best time to visit Mcleodganj is between October to February (In Winter) and between March to June (In Summer).

Q : Is there snowfall in Mcleodganj?

A : Yes tourists can see the snowfall from December to February start. In these months tourists especially go to Mcleodganj to enjoy snowfall.

Q : What should I buy in Mcleodganj?

A : You can buy Singing Bowls, Buddha Statues, Jewelry, Clothes, and many Handcrafted items.

Q : How far is Dharamshala from Mcleodganj?

A : The distance between Mcleodganj to Dharamshala is 22 Kilometers. the fastest way to reach Dharamshala from Mcleodganj is to take a taxi and for the cheapest way you can take a bus.

If you are traveling this region of Himachal Pradesh, then adventure is not only limited in the places described earlier. Places like Jawala Devi Temple, Mata Chintpurni Temple, Manali, Kullu, Kasol, Shimla, Malana, Manikaran, Bhuntar, Kheerganga, Tosh and many more are nearby Mcleodganj. They are also very popular among tourists. We will cover these places in our next blogs.

So this is our list of top 10 places to visit in Mcleodganj. I hope this blog in convincing to put Mcleodganj in your holiday destinations list. Keep supporting us and inspiring us with your valuable comments.

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