11 Best & Amazing Places To Visit In Lansdowne

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Lansdowne is one of the quietest places and hill stations of India. It is very popular in earlier times also. Surrounded by the thick oak and blue pine forests, the beauty of Lansdowne will leave you spellbound. Lansdowne is an ideal location for tourists and is well connected with motorable roads.

In Lansdowne, you can enjoy the magical view of sunrise and sunset from the various viewpoints and can also see the stunning vies of Himalayas. Here we are going to describe about 11 amazing places to visit in Lansdowne.



Lansdowne is located at a height of 1780 meters in Uttarakhand. It is located in the Pauri district on Kotdwar- Pauri Road, Uttarakhand. Lansdowne is originally known as Kaludanda. Kalu means Black and Danda means hills in Garhwali. It was founded and named after the Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne in 1887. Basically it was developed by the Britishers for catering of the Recruits Training Center of the Garhwal Rifles. Nowadays, the Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army has its command office here.

Best Time To Visit in Lansdowne

The best time to visit Lansdowne is in the months of April to June and from September to November. Don’t go in the months of Monsoon i.e. in July and August. But you will see the tourists here every time you come here.

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Here in Lansdowne, so many places are worth visiting. Below we write about the 11 places to visit in Lansdowne.

Places to Visit In Lansdowne

1. Bhulla Tal

places to visit in Lansdowne

It is very near to the city center of Lansdowne. It is a well-maintained lake which is a man-made artificial lake and is known as Bhulla Tal or Bhulla Lake. Bhulla Lake is a perfect place for outing and picnic with friends and family. Bhulla means Young Brother in Garhwali Language. So, this lake is dedicated to the young Garhwali youth of Garhwal Rifles who helped in the construction of the lake. It is one of the best place among the places to visit in Lansdowne.

Opening Timings – 10 am to 5 pm

Tickets Fee – You can walk here without any charges. 50 INR for boating.

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2. Darwan Singh Museum

Darwan Singh Museum is known as after first Victoria Cross Holder form Garhwal  Rifles, Darwan Singh Negi. It is a historical defense museum having the rarest collection of Garhwal Rifles. It was inaugurated in 1983. Here you can see a well-decorated two-story museum where you can get the details of Achievements of Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army. Here you can witness the wide collection of arms, old uniforms, rarest photographs of an army general, certificate and citations signed by the British royalty. You can see the rare varieties of rose also.

Opening Timings – 9 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.

Tickets Fee – 50 INR per person.

Note – Children below 10 are not allowed here.

3. Tip N Top

As per the name suggests Tip N Top is a small hill viewpoint and is one of the highest places in Lansdowne. From here you can witness th1e magical view of Shivalik Range. There is a beautiful hut house provided by GMVN for night stay. You can find a taxi easily from the city center to reach Tip N Top.

4. War Memorial Lansdowne

It is one of the main attractions of Lansdowne and is located just 500 meters to the city center. It is known as the proud of the Garhwal Rifles. This war memorial is established in 1923 by Lord Raavlinson of Trent. It is located at the Parade Ground. Darwan Singh memorial is also located here nearby. Both the Parade Ground and War Memorial is close to the general public. Here you can know about the pre-independence history of Garhwal Regiment and various milestones achieved by the Garhwal Regiment.

5. St. John’s Church

It is the only running church in the Lansdowne. It is a Roman Catholic church, located at the mall road between the way to St. Mary Church. It was built in 1936. It is one of the best places in Lansdowne. Here you can enjoy the beautiful interiors of Church and the serene atmosphere nearby.

6. St. Mary church

places to visit in Lansdowne

It is no longer a Church, now it is a small museum where you can see the old pictures and stories of pre-independence era. Here you can get the audio-visual displays of Lansdowne and Garhwal Regiment history.

Audio – Visual Presentation – 8 am everyday.

Tickets Fee – 10 INR per person.

7. Bhim Pakora

It is one of the most interesting and worth places to visit in Lansdowne. After going 2 kilometers downhill between the forest you can reach here. According to Mythology, Pandavas stayed here for one night during their exile period. Here Bhim places one rock on the top of others In a way that it never fells down.

After trekking for 2 kilometers visitors come here to see the magic of the stones. These two large stones are placed one above the other in a perfect balance. The thing which is magical here to see is that above rock which can be moved by a single finger but never fells down even with the power of both hands.

8. Hawaghar

places to visit in lansdowne

It is the best tourist destination in Lansdowne which offers stunning views of snow-covered mountains. It is a treat for all nature and photography lovers. Here you can trek through Jaiharikhal to the Khyber Pass.

9. Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple

It is the old temple of Shiva which is the center of devotion for local and Garhwal Regiments. It is named after the Sage Kalun who meditated here. Here visitors can see the Samadhis of many sages near the temple till now. Here is a self-formed Shivlinga known as Swayambhu means self-formed. People say that on the occasion of Maha Shivratri the locals cowheader found their cows missing which later on found milking on their own in the cave upon Shivlinga.

10. Garhwali Mess

It is one of the oldest buildings in the Lansdowne district of Pauri Garhwal. It was built in 1888. Garhwali Mess reflects the great heritage of Garhwal Rifles and the Indian Army. It resembles the colonial architecture of British times. Here you can see a museum consists of a collection of wild animals, trophies, and furnishings. It is located just 15 – 20 minutes’ walking distance from the main market.

11. Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Located 40 kilometers from Lansdowne and is the best place to visit around Lansdowne. It was the best meditation place for sages since old times due to its peace and calm surroundings. According to Mythology, a demon named Tarkasur or Tadkeshwar who worshipped Lord Shiva at this location. After the immense devotion, Lord Shiva gave him a boon of immortality except for Lord Shiva’s son. At that time Lord Shiva was in the state of Vairagya.

After this, the demon start to did wrong with saints and sages. The sages asked Lord Shiva to help them. Then Lord Shiva married Mata Parvati and Kartikeya was born. Then Kartikeya killed demon Tarkasur but at the time of his death, Tarkasur did a prayer to Lord Shiva and asked to pardon. Lord Shiva then attached his name to this place and gave him a boon to be prayed in Kalyug also. So after this place named Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple. Here is a Dharamshala where anyone can stay and do breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per the Asharam rules. 

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How To Reach in Lansdowne

By Air

The nearest airport to Lansdowne is Jolly Grant Airport which is located at a distance of 148 kilometers. You can get flights from Delhi to this airport easily. After that you can get taxi to reach Lansdowne which are easily available.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station to Lansdowne is Kotdwar located at a distance of 40 kilometers. Kotdwar is well connected with all major cities of India. After reaching here you can easily get the taxis and buses to reach Lansdowne.

By Road

Lansdowne is well connected with major cities of Uttarakhand. From Kashmiri Gate ISBT, Delhi you can easily get buses and taxis to Kotdwar. You can also travel by your own car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Places to visit in Lansdowne

Q: Is Lansdowne worth visiting?

A: Yes Lansdowne is a worth visiting place. You will see tourists every time you come here.

Q: What is famous in Lansdowne?

A: Lansdowne is famous for its old buildings and war memorials which was built during the pre-independence era. Temples are also very famous in Lansdowne.

Q: Is lansdowne safe in monsoon?

A: We strictly not recommend you visit Lansdowne in monsoon because of heavy rainfall and adverse road conditions due to landslides.

Q: What is the best time to visit in Lansdowne?

A: Best time to visit Lansdowne in the months of April to June and September to November. But if don’t care about the best time and want to visit here then you can visit throughout the year except for July and August (monsoon season).

Q: What is the distance between Mussorie to Lansdowne?

A: 188 kilometers.

Q: What are the best places to visit in Lansdowne?

A: Bhulla Tal, Tip N top, War Memorial Lansdowne, Bhim Pakora, Hawaghar, Kaleshwar Mahadev temple, Garhwali mess, Tadkeshwar Mahadev temple, St. Mary Church are some amazing places to visit in lansdowne.

So, these are some best places to visit in Lansdowne where one can enjoy the real nature. We cannot express the real beauty of Lansdowne in words. The best experience can only felt by visiting it. But we tried a lot to give you ideas about those serene places and the best places to visit in Lansdowne. So guys do comment and share to support us. We promise to provide this type of information in the future.

Kindly tell us if we left with something. We will cover that topic in our upcoming blog.

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