Golden Temple Amritsar

Wonders of the world Golden Temple Amritsar

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Golden Temple Amritsar is originally known as the Harmandir Sahib, located in city Amritsar, Punjab. It is usually called the Golden Temple because it is plated with Gold. Golden Temple’s foundation stone laid by the Muslim pir Sai Mian Mir Ji on the request of fifth Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji in 1589. In 1604 Guru Arjan Dev Ji placed a copy of Adi Granth in Golden Temple.

Golden Temple Amritsar

In the center of the Gurudwara there is a man-made pool or holy pool known as Sarovar by the Sikhs and Punjabis.  People like to take a bath in this pool and it is a belief that to make your soul pure, we have to take a bath in this holy pool. Harimandir Sahib is open to all people.

Main Entrance Gate, Golden Temple Amritsar.

No criticism on the basis of caste and color. It has four entrances which means it is open for all people of different religions. The Golden Temple Amritsar is also nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Ber tree

Recently Golden Temple Amritsar awarded as the most visited place in the world (2019)

Akal Takht

Akal Takht located directly opposite the main darbar. The Akal Takht, meaning the throne of a timeless one, is one of the five Takht of Sikhs. The word Takht means Seats of Power. It was founded by the sixth Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Hargobind. Akal Takht is a symbol of political sovereignty and where spirituals and temporal concerns of Sikh people could be addressed. There are a total of five Takhts in the Sikh community.

Akal Takht
Akal Takht

Sri Akal Takht Sahib which is the supreme, throne of immortal, of panj (five) Takht situated inside Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib

Takht Sri Damdma Sahib, Talwandi Sabo

Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Patna Bihar

Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded, Maharashtra

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Langar Hall

The Kitchen of Golden Temple also known as Guru Ram Das Langar Hall is the world’s Largest Community Kitchen. In the Golden temple community kitchen at an average 1,00,000 devotees or tourists take Langar in the community kitchen daily but the number becomes almost double on special occasions. Guru ka Langar has served the community in many ways. Everyone is welcome to share the langar.

Langar Hall

It is common belief of people by that serving food to everyone they seek the blessings from God. In Sikhism, there is famous saying that “Pehle Pangat Phir Sangat”  which famous devotees or tourists have to take Langar first before perform Darshan in main Darbar. Everyone take meals in Langar hall without any kind  of discrimination related with caste, creed and color.

Guru Ka Langar
Langar Hall

Ber Trees

There are three beri trees around the pool of the Golden Temple. One of them is to the right of the main ghanta ghar entrance with the clock and it is called the Ber Baba Buddha. According to Sikh culture, this tree is where Baba Buddha sat to supervise the construction of the pool and the first temple.  The second tree is called Laachi Ber and it is believed to the one under which Guru Arjan Dev Ji rested while the temple was built.

Dukh Bhanjani beri in Golden Temple Amritsar

Thir Beri is known as Dukh Bhanjani Beri, located on the other side of the sanctum, across the pool. There is a small Gurudwara underneath the tree. The Ath Sath Tirath, or the spot equivalent to 68 pilgrimages, is in the shade underneath the tree. Here people take a dip in the Sarovar and believed that it cured people of many diseases.

Beri Tree in Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Sikh History Museum

The main Ghanta Ghar entrance has a Sikh history museum on the first floor. Here display shows various paintings, of gurus and martyrs, many narrating the persecution of Sikhs over their history, as well as historical items such as Kartar, Swords, Comb, etc.

Gurudwara Baba Atal Rai Sahib

It is a famous Gurudwara of Amritsar. Many of the millions of pilgrims that visit the Harimandir Sahib every year do not realize that one of the Amritsar’s finest architecture marvels and one of the Sikh religious most heart-rending places of worship is just a short walk from the famous Harimandir Sahib.

Baba Atal Rai Sahib near golden Temple, Amritsar.
Baba Atal Rai Sahib

Daily Ceremonies

The rituals performed in the Golden Temple are carried out as per the Sikh tradition wherein, the scripture(Guru Granth Sahib) is treated as a living person, as said by Tenth Guru of the Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh, almost equated and respected as Guru.

Guru Granth sahib (holy book)

In the morning( Prakash), Guru Granth Sahib is taken out from its room(Akal Takht Sahib), carried on the head and then placed and carried around on a flower-decorated palanquin. Then kirtan(song to praise the Lord) and Ardas takes place and a random page from the holy book is opened.

In the night, time of Sukhsan, the Guru Granth Sahib is closed after a series of devotional kirtans and three-part Ardas are recited. It is carried on the head and then placed and carried in the flower-decorated, pillow-bed palanquin while the devotees chanting. It is carried into the Akal Takht and tucked into bed daily.

What Should you wear?

On arrival at the Golden Temple, both men and women are required to wear a scarf over their heads. By the chance, if you forget to bring a scarf or handkerchief you need not worry about that. Headscarves easily available at a very cheap price outside the Temple. But in temple, you get it for free.

All visitors must remove their shoes and wash their feet by walking through pools before entering the Temple. There is no need to worry about shoes as there are various cloakrooms in the Golden Temple. The Sewadaar’s will provide you with a unique token on which a particular number will be mentioned. This service is free for everyone.

There is also a baggage room in the Golden Temple where you can deposit your bag or other things which you can get back after check out from Golden temple Amritsar.

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Best time to visit at Golden Temple Amritsar

Basically people can go anytime they want because the temple never closed. But the best time to visit is 4 AM Because at that time lightning make the golden temple more beautiful. And you can also enjoy the drum beats that they are playing at that time.

How to reach Golden Temple Amritsar

Golden Temple Amritsar can be reached by local transport such as Auto Rickshaw and cycle Rickshaw which is cheapest and convenient.

By Air

Shri Guru Ramdas International Airport is 11 km far away from Golden Temple Amritsar. From there you can get a cab or taxis to reach Golden Temple. Since Delhi is the capital of India. foreign people came first in Delhi. They can opt for a train from Delhi or get a direct flight from New Delhi to Amritsar.

By Rail

Amritsar Railway Station is nearer Railway Station. Amritsar shares a very strong railway network with Delhi. Free buses are also available from Amritsar Railway Station to Golden Temple. You can also get a taxi or Auto Rickshaw outside from the railway Station.

By Road

Amritsar is well connected with the flawless highway of New Delhi. So this is also one of the best options to reach Golden Temple Amritsar.

Our Tips:

>Toilets are available for pilgrims at the back of the Golden temple, which are free of cost.

>Take your camera, headscarf with you. It’s fine to capture the photos inside the Golden Temple, but not in the inner temple where The Holy Book is ( Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ). you can take your camera inside but you must leave it in your bag.

Attractions coming on the way to Golden Temple Amritsar

Jaliianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is located in Amritsar (very close to Golden Temple). It is a historic garden which has historical importance in India. People remember this garden in the memory of hundreds of wounded and killed people in the massacre that occurred on the historic day of Vaisakhi 13 April 1999. On this day, thousands of people are gathered here to celebrate the festival of Vaisakhi in Jallianwala Bagh which is enclosed by the walls and had only one exit (read more)

Partition Museum

This is the world’s first Partition Museum which resembles a history of the partition of India into two nations, India and Pakistan in 1947. This is a must-visit place if you are visiting Amritsar. In the Museum many types of antique things you can see here. Here you get the audio and video clips about the history of India and the people who sacrifice their lives for the independence of India from Britishers.

Partition Museum

This Museum shows how Britishers ruled on India and how Indians encouraged to free themselves from Britishers and which freedom fighters played an important role in the Independence of India. It also shows the inspirational stories of people who suffered from the Partition of India in the last gallery. Museum also has a tree of hope in the center of the room.

Note – Photography and Videography is strictly prohibited here.

Ticket Price to visit
For Indians – Rs.10
For Foreigners – Rs. 250

Visiting Days and Hours
Monday Closes
Tuesday to Sunday – 10 A.M. to 6 PM.

Statue Of Maharaja (King) Ranjit Singh

This Statue belongs to Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was the leader of the Sikh Empire of Punjab. Maharaja Ranjit Singh is also known as the Sher-E-Punjab (Lion of Punjab). In childhood, he lost one eye light due to Chickenpox. He used to say God has given me an eye, so the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, rich and poor all look equal for me.

Statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled Punjab for almost 40 years. He installed marble and gold plates at Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara in Amritsar, Since then it came to be known as Golden Temple. The statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is located near the Hop On/Hop Off Tourist Bus Service Point. The Free Bus Service also available here. This is just above the Golden Temple Saraan or Mata Launga Temple. This Statue is totally in a western look. Statue looks beautiful during the day as well as night, due to the lighting.

Replica of Parliament House with Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Statue ( who made Indian Constitution)
Shelters to stay near golden temple amritsar

Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Temple Amritsar

Ques: Is Golden Temple Amritsar made of real gold?

Ans: Yes, Golden Temple Amritsar is plated with 160 KG real gold.

Ques: Can I stay in Golden Temple Amritsar for free?

Ans: yes, anyone can stay in Golden Temple Amritsar for free. Dormitory accommodation (Guru Arjan Dev Niwas) is available with shared bathrooms reserved for tourists. You are allowed to stay for 3 days.

Ques: What is the best time to visit Golden Temple Amritsar?

Ans: Basically people can go anytime they want because the temple never closed. But the best time to visit is 4 AM Because at that time lightning make the Golden Temple more beautiful. And you can also enjoy the drum beats that they are playing at that time.

While travelling in India, Golden Temple Amritsar is always on the top of the list. These are not our words but actually of the visitors coming to India who have already visited here. No discrimination on the basis of caste, color, and creed makes this temple a more desirable place among visitors. This holy place has proven that one can seek blessings of God not just by darshan of temple but also by serving other people which is the real meaning of humanity.
I hope you guys like this information about one of the holiest places (Golden Temple Amritsar) in the world. Show your interest by commenting on our blog and keep supporting us for future posts.



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