Famous food of Punjab

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In this post, we are going to tell about the food of Punjab. Punjabi food doesn’t need any introduction. It is a known fact that Punjab famous for its Spicy food. For the persons who don’t know about Punjabi Food by this blog we will tell them about Punjabi food and we are sure that after reading about Punjabi food you can’t wait anymore to try the Punjabi food.

Punjabi thali

Basically Punjab lies in the Northern part of India so the Punjabi food comes in the category of North Indian food. Food of Punjab is mostly Spicy food. People here like to eat spicy things more. The main dishes of Punjab are Kulche chole, Bhathore chole, Dal Tadka, Dal Makhni, Sarson ka saag (Mustard leaves) with Makki ki roti (corn pone).

Every dish connects one city of Punjab. Believe us that some dishes or you can say that the dish which is of the specialty of that city no else city in Punjab can match that taste. Like, Kulche Chole of Amritsar. You can get the Kulche chole from every city of Punjab but the real taste of Kulche chole can be found in Amritsar.

So, here we are writing about those dishes which you must try while you are traveling to Punjab.


makki ki roti and sarson ka saag with butter

Sarson ka saag is one of the most famous dishes in Punjab. Everyone likes to eat it either they are urban or rural. It is basically a dish that people like to eat with Makki ki Roti (roti made with cornflour). In Punjab no one eats or takes the name alone of Sarson ka saag or Makki ki Roti. Everyone likes to eat and take the name together of these two awesome dishes. This dish is a seasonal dish that is famous in the month of October to March or especially in winter. People like to eat it with full of butter.

Makki ki roti with butter on top

Makki Ki Roti is basically a roti of Corn Flour. This is as simple as making the roti with wheat flour. People eat Makki ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag. Rest all dishes people like to eat with wheat flour. It does not matter that you are in which city of Punjab, you will find it in every city.

Kulche Chole

Amritsari Kulcha

Kulche chole is a famous food of Punjab but Amritsari Kulcha is famous all around the world. It is most famous in Amritsar but you can get in almost every city of Punjab. Chole or Chane is a dish originating from the Indian Subcontinent. But let me tell you one thing that the real taste of Kulcha you can find only in Amritsar. You can get Amritsari Kulcha in every street of Punjab at a minimal price. People like to eat kulcha with butter on top. We strongly recommend you to eat this famous dish whenever you visit Punjab.


Punjabi lassi

The main dish of Punjab, almost everyone drinks it with the Paranthas in Breakfast. It is a drink made by Curd and sugar. Nowadays you can find this dish in many states of India. Punjabi People say that Lassi is their pride. People like to make it in modern ways like they add mangoes, rooh-hafza it for adding flavor in it. You can get Lassi in every restaurant in Punjab.

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Dal Makhani

dal makhhani is one of the delicious food of Punjab

Dal Makhani is a dish that has its own uniqueness and a special place in the hearts of Punjabi People. It can be found in almost every city of India but it is most famous in Punjab. This is made up of black pulses with adding kidney beans in it. It takes very much time to cook but once it is cooked you can’t wait to eat it


Amritsari fish

Amritsari Fish is one of the favorite dishes for non-vegetarian people. This dish is made up of frying the fish which mainly find in the restaurant. But people like to make this dish by adding some gravy in it. By the way this dish can be found in almost every part of the country. People like to eat it as a snack also.


Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi is basically a dish related to Gujarat, but Punjabi Kadhi is someway different from the Gujarati dish. Punjabi people like to eat it by adding pakoras in it. Pakoda is a dish that is made up of besan or Gram Flour. Gram Flour with some onions and water in it. They are mix well and then deep fry in the pan. After that add in the Kadhi. Kadhi is also made up of Gram Flour and curd. This mouth-watering dish is so easy to make


Parantha  with curd and pickle is one of the famous food of Punjab

Paranthas are the most favorite dish in Punjab and in almost every part of the country. Parantha is of various types like Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Peas, Panner (Cheese). This dish you have to eat once in a lifetime. You can find it in almost every restaurant and dhabas in India in Northern Part. It is basically made up of wheat flour with some stuffing of potatoes, onions in it. People like to eat it with pickles, curd, lassi, tea, and butter.


Paneer Tikka, spicy food of Punjab

Paneer tikka is basically a dish of Panner or cheese. It is made by grilling the cheese and also known as the ‘Chicken of vegetarians’. This dish is served as a snack in the parties also known a the royal dish of Punjab.


Langar Prashad is free for everyone in every Gurudwara. It is must-try food when you are traveling in Punjab. In the langar Prashad roti, pulses or dal, Kheer (a sweet dish made up of Rice, Milk and Sugar). Karah Prashad is also one of the favorite things to eat when you are in any Gurudwara across the Globe. Everyone should try this divine Prashad once in a lifetime. Punjabi people also eat it to seek a blessing from the Guru. 



Jalebi, sweet dish of Punjab

Punjab is also famous for sweets. The main sweets which is most famous in Punjab is jalebi.

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Shakkar para, famous food of Punjab

Shakkar Para is a dish that is made up of semolina, flour and sugar. People like to eat it with tea or any other types of hot drinks. We can also say that Shakar Para is also the best accompaniment to tea. It is coated with light sugar. This dish can be store for 1-2 weeks.


pinni, famous food of Punjab

Pinni is one of the favorite Punjabi Sweets and people show their happiness by bringing pinni to their house. It is basically a dish of the winter season. It is made up of ghee, wheat flour, jaggery and almonds. Almost every family in Punjab like to eat this sweet dish.

From the above description it is clear that the food of Punjab has a unique significance in the whole world. There is no comparison of Punjabi food with any varieties of food all around the world. Whenever you visit Punjab don’t miss to taste it. You can share your experience once you taste the food of Punjab

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